Poster from Dr. Zan Lian at the Solar2Chem conference

Understanding the Dynamic Behavior of Oxide-Derived Copper in CO2 Reduction from a Large Scale Simulation Perspective Zan Lian poster Solar2Chem

Dr. Lian attended and presented his poster at the Solar2Chem Conference in Tarragona, Spain. The event, held from September 18th to 22nd, 2023 at ICIQ, brought together experts from academia, industry, and policy to delve into the latest advancements in solar fuels and photo(electro)catalysis. Dr. Lian’s poster, titled “Understanding the Dynamic Behavior of Oxide-Derived Copper … Read more


Dr. Wei jie Teo attended the XXXIX Biennial of the RSEQ in Zaragoza, where he gave an oral presentation about the nucleophilic substitution reaction strategy that operates through the catalytic formation of a chiral intimate ion-pair between the allyl carbocation and the nucleophile, which allows for a selective nucleophilic attack in these planar intermediates. (Oral … Read more

Dr. Vasileios Tseliou gives an oral presentation at Biotrans 2023

Dr. Tseliou participated at the BioTrans 2023 conference, held last June 25-29th 2023 at La Rochelle. BIOTRANS 2023 provides an overview of the latest advances in the fields of biocatalysis and biotransformations, gathering innovative and interdisciplinary strategies to overcome scientific and technological hurdles. Various topics will be covered such as enzyme discovery and design, reaction … Read more