ICIQ School 2023: Dr. Tóth Poster

The ICIQ School 2023, held from the 13th to the 15th of September, was a vibrant platform for the exchange of ideas and advancements in the field of chemistry.  

Dr. Bálazs Tóth attended and presented his work through a poster which explored into the fascinating world of 1,3-enynes.

1,3-Enynes are crucial building blocks in organic synthesis, known for their versatility and potential to transform into allene and 1,3-butadiene products. However, their reactivity, compared to simple alkynes, makes them challenging to handle, especially when it comes to regioselective additions.

Dr. Tóth’s research presented a novel approach to this challenge. His team developed a dual Co/photoredox-catalyzed method that uses modular and stable Alkynyl Cyclic Carbonates (ACCs) to generate 1,3-enynes in situ. These can then be intercepted by crotonaldehyde in a new reductive cross-coupling reaction.

The double bond of the conjugated enyne intermediate is formed by a β-OH elimination step and remains inert in the presence of aldehyde reactants. Interestingly, under reductive reaction conditions, the triple bond undergoes a Co-promoted formal hydroalkylation.

This unprecedented stereo- and regioselective coupling reaction of 1,3-enynes contrasts with the typical reactivity of internal alkynes that selectively provide the β-regioisomer. Dr. Tóth’s research opens up new possibilities in the field of organic synthesis, demonstrating the power of innovative thinking and meticulous experimentation.