Why ICIQ (truthfully)?

The decision to move to Tarragona came right at the end of my PhD studies, a busy time to be applying for postdoctorate positions and writing grant applications! My better half wanted to be closer and spend more time with her family and I aimed to finally get to grips with speaking Spanish (duolingo in … Read more

Acting as a MSCA-IF ambassador

An internal ‘ICIQ Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions – Individual Fellowship Workshop’ was hold on 3rd July 2017 at my host institution – ICIQ – in Tarragona. I contributed to this event as one of the three successful candidates in the round table, sharing my experiences on writing proposals. The aim of the workshop was to … Read more

New catalysts mimic human vision

Photoreceptors in vertebrates typically consist of two different, colourless parts: an organic pigment and a protein. When both pieces combine, they create a colourful, light-sensitive molecule –an iminium ion– that triggers vision upon light excitation. Inspired by this mechanism, a team of researchers at the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) created a new … Read more

“Equal Opportunity Prize”

In October 2019, I was a member of a five-people team awarded with the “Equal Opportunity Prize” in Start Cup Campania 2019, a competition for business ideas based on research and innovation. Project name: MAGIC, presented by five-people team. Prize: 500 €. http://www.startcupcampania.unina.it/

“Cinzia Chiappe Award”

In July 2019, I was awarded with the “Cinzia Chiappe Award” for the Best Italian PhD Thesis in the field of Green and Sustainable Chemistry, awarded by the “Gruppo Interdivisionale green chemistry – chimica sostenibile” of the Italian Chemical Society. The award consisted of a certificate and an invited lecture during the 7th Workshop Nazionale … Read more

2019 Organic Letters Outstanding Publication of the Year Award

Prof. Martín has been awarded the “2019 Organic Letters Outstanding Publication of the Year Award” for his article “Ni-catalyzed Reductive Deaminative Arylation at sp3 Carbon Centers”! The Award from the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry and Organic Letters is given to scientists who published, in the previous year, an outstanding letter demonstrating both creativity and … Read more