ICIQ Women in Science: Spotlight on Dr. Aratrika Chakraborty

In the realm of scientific research, there are those who not only make significant contributions to their field, but also inspire and pave the way for future generations. One such individual is Dr. Aratrika Chakraborty, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) fellow at the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), working in Prof. Julio Lloret Fillol’s Group.

Tackling Climate Change Through Innovative Technologies

Dr. Chakraborty is at the forefront of the global climate change challenge, developing innovative technologies for CO2 reduction through artificial photosynthesis. Her work revolves around the creation of new covalent organic frameworks (COFs), which are designed to mimic plant photosynthesis.

COFs are porous, crystalline materials built from organic molecules linked together by strong covalent bonds. Their inherent flexibility makes them an ideal platform for constructing photocatalysts. These COFs are expected to efficiently convert CO2 into valuable fuels, a process that could have a profound impact on our environment and economy.

Supporting the European Green Deal

Dr. Chakraborty’s groundbreaking research aligns with the goals of the European Green Deal. This initiative by the European Union aims to transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy, with no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050. By developing technologies that can efficiently convert CO2 into valuable fuels, Dr. Chakraborty’s work contributes to these sustainability goals.

Championing Women in STEM

At ICIQ, the importance of women in STEM is recognized and celebrated every day. Dr. Chakraborty, as a female scientist, represents this commitment to gender equality in the scientific community. Her achievements not only contribute to the field of chemical research but also serve as an inspiration for aspiring female scientists.

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Dr. Chakraborty’s work and her journey as an MSCA fellow at ICIQ have been beautifully captured in a video. This video representation serves as a testament to her dedication and contribution to science, and it shines a light on the vital role of women in STEM.

Dr. Aratrika Chakraborty’s work at ICIQ exemplifies the power of scientific research in addressing global challenges and the importance of promoting diversity in the field of science. Her journey serves as an inspiration for many, especially women in STEM, and underscores the potential of innovative research in shaping a sustainable future.