The beauty in science: Photography Winner (2024)

“Beauty in science” is a Public Engagement activity organized by five BIST Master students within the Responsible Research and Science Communication (RRSC) subject. The event gathered more than 60 people, that were also invited to vote for the best piece of art. The award went to Dr. Aswin Gopakumar, also from the group of Prof. Lloret-Fillol, for the picture “CO2 vs Photoelectrochemistry”. This picture shows the future of electrochemistry, the reduction of CO2 into useful chemicals such of methanol or formic acid, using light to run the reaction.

Photo taken by  MSCA fellow Dr. Aswin Gopakumar and entitled “CO2 vs Photoelectrochemistry”. Winner of the The beauty in science contest organised by BIST,
“CO2 vs Photoelectrochemistry”