Dr. Vasileios Tseliou gives an oral presentation at Biotrans 2023

Dr. Tseliou participated at the BioTrans 2023 conference, held last June 25-29th 2023 at La Rochelle.

BIOTRANS 2023 provides an overview of the latest advances in the fields of biocatalysis and biotransformations, gathering innovative and interdisciplinary strategies to overcome scientific and technological hurdles. Various topics will be covered such as enzyme discovery and design, reaction engineering, enzyme mechanisms, computational methods, synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, (chemo)enzymatic cascades and industrial biocatalysis.

Dr. Tseliou presented the latest advances within the BIO-LIGHT project, describing the work done on enantioselective biocascade catalysis with a single multifunctional enzyme.

Have a look at the presentation here!