Poster from Dr. Zan Lian at the International Conference on Frontiers in Electrocatalytic Transformations (INTERECT22)

Dr. Lian recently presented his groundbreaking research on understanding the dynamic behavior of oxide-derived copper at INTERECT22, the International Conference on Frontiers in Electrocatalytic Transformations. Held in Valencia, Spain on the 21st & 22nd of November 2022, this conference brought together leading researchers in the field.

INTERECT22 focused on exploring the latest advancements in electrocatalysis, covering topics such as in situ electrode dynamics, light-driven reactions, and the application of machine learning in catalyst discovery. By fostering collaboration between academia and industry, the conference aimed to accelerate the translation of research findings into practical solutions for our energy and resource challenges.

Dr. Lian’s presentation offered invaluable insights into the fundamental mechanisms governing catalyst performance, exemplifying the interdisciplinary approach championed at INTERECT22. As we reflect on the knowledge shared and connections made during this event, we are inspired by the potential for transformative innovation in the field of electrochemistry.

Dr. Zan Lian and colleagues attending to the INTERECT22 conference

Source: nanoGe – INTERECT22 – Reminiscence Gallery